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RESORT SECURITIES AND TRUST LIMITED is a Stock Broking out fit, duly licensed Resort Securities & Trust Limited by the council of the Nigerian Stock Exchange to carry out Stock Broking functions. We are also licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission both as Broker/Dealers and Issuing House.
RESORTSEC was incorporated on May 18, 1990 as a non-bank finance institution to carry out Issuing House and Stock Broking functions with an initial share capital of N100, 000. this has now grown to a share capital of N310million as at the end of January 2007. The dealership license which was granted on Dec 7, 1994 necessitated an immediate commencement of activities in the stock market. Presently, Resortsec is managing numerous investors’ funds that is in excess of N4.7 billion. This is expected to grow to N15 billion by the end of December 2008.


RESORT SECURITIES AND TRUST LIMITED has a team of young resourceful and well motivated professionals working with the latest information technology to meet our investment and portfolio objective in a time conscious and efficient manner. Resort has handled major public issues on behalf of Banks, Insurance Companies, Conglomerates and Government Institutions in the capacity of Issuing House, Lead or Joint Stockbrokers. Our operation is highly computerized and we engage the services of highly skilled and up to date professionals using a highly versatile investment package in our investment.

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